This aniline sofa was in need of a full clean and colour restoration. There were two areas of body perspiration in the head areas.

The technician began to clean the two two seater sofas. This is done using leather cleaner and a lint free cloth. Due to this being an aniline leather sofa the technician must spray the leather cleaner onto the cloth and not onto the sofa to get a better result. Once the sofas have been cleaned the technician begins to prep the sofas. Similarly this is done with a lint free cloth and leather prep. The leather prep is also applied to the cloth before used on the sofa. After the sofa has been fully cleaned and prepped the technician begins to attempt to mix the colour.

Colour Mixing

The technician mixes the colour the match the sofa. As the technician adds colours to the mix in attempt to make the perfect colour they try out each mix using the airbrush. Finally a perfect match to the sofa will be made.

Now that the perfect colour has been mixed the technician applies evenly spread layers of dye to the sofa. Light layers are ensured on the aniline leather sofa as it is a natural leather and too much colour is not good.

The technician then applies the final layer onto the sofas. This is of the lacquer which is used to seal the restoration. After the restoration has been completed the sofas need to be left for at least 1 hour. Until it is dry enough to touch if the customer wishes to have a closer look at the repair however we do not recommend it if you can help it. The sofas should then not be used for approximately 48 hours depending on how much colour and is applied during the restoration.

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