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Car Seat Repair

Bolster Repair

Normally, most of the home and car owners prefer to perform the leather bolster repair by own. However for those who neither have such an efficient time nor expertise, we provide them the professional and quick repair. Our trained leather professionals repair many kinds of leather damages in your furniture or car interiors especially the bolster. The quality repair provided by us includes fixation of scratches, stains, faded color, old leather, puncture, kid or pet damage and much more.

We implement sufficient time to analyze the type of bolster damage and its extent. We discover the suitable Bolster repairs London that fit your needs. If you contact us for your repair job, we provide you several benefits like you’ll get the schedule to receive the repaired leather and our professionals will visit your place if you require performing the repair on the spot. Once the leather is repaired we keep it for drying for a night and in the next morning it is ready to use.

We are based in London and provide excellent leather bolster repairs. Our services are offered to the local as well as commercial customers in London. We tend to use the latest repair techniques and tools. This is to make it most economical for our customers and the cost varies as per the extent of repair required.

Leather repairs London are specialized in the Leather restoration of home and automobile interiors as well as other leather items like handbags. Therefore you can email the photos and detail information of your leather bolsters for expert suggestion.

We are keen to provide the following care and repair services helping you in the maintenance of your leather:

Cleaning and Safety
Color modification and restoration
Damaged Repair (Scratches, oil and water marks)

We are efficient in working with the various leather furniture models. For instance latest and traditional, retro, chesterfield, sofa, settee and chair. Moreover the car bolster repair is our favorite area of job. It requires extensive expertise in the restoration and renovation.

Above all our expert craftsmen are well knowledgeable in repairing the car bolsters and restoration of your prestige car. We handle the bolster repair of all popular and conventional cars. Providing them the novel façade. Simply get in touch with us and let us know your car seat repair requirements. We’ll offer you the most relevant and affordable repair service. Matches your budget and provides the new look to the leather furnishing and automobile interiors.

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