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Furniture Repairs


This chesterfield sofa had a burst seam upon the arrival of our technician. In order to repair this burst seam the technician needs to use a curved needle to sew the seam back together. This is done carefully to ensure all previous stitching holes are used. The curved needle ensures that the stitches are on the inside of the leather. The stitches are pulled tight to ensure the seam is secured and won’t come undone again. Lastly the technician cuts the thread and the burst seam is fully repaired.

To prevent your seams from bursting you should try to refrain from sitting on your sofa with sharp items in your pockets like keys etc. This will prevent sharp items getting caught in your stitching. Also it will prevent stitching from ripping as this will cause stitching to unthread itself.

If your sofa has a burst seam and you don’t get it repaired your sofa is at risk of the seam bursting further and on some sofas this can cause even greater problems as the stitching is done in larger sections.

For more detailed explanations on the ranges of repairs we undertake please check out the other pages of our website. We also do work on leather car seats. Or just for brief explanations and lots of pictures of our work check out our Facebook Page or Gallery Page!

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