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Leather Repairs

Leather Repair Service in London

Cat Scratches Leather Repairs

This sofa had cat scratches on the arms of the chairs and was in need of some leather repairs. One of the cat scratches had torn the leather. Our leather repairs technician began by setting up the equipment needed for the job. This is for efficiency to ensure that everything needed is ready to get to to ensure the job is completed quickly. Firstly the technician uses leather cleaner on a lint free cloth to clean the damaged areas. Secondly the leather repairs technician used leather prep on the sofa. Similarly this was on a lint free cloth over the damaged areas.

Repairing Arm 1

Next the technician repairs the tear using a sub patch inside the tear. The leather is glued to the sub patch and dried with a hair dryer. After this the technician applies leather to the tear to fill the gaps between the leather. Once the leather filler has dried the technician sands down the leather to make sure it’s all smooth. Once it’s smooth and the area is filled the technician applies some colour to the area.

Repairing Arm 2

Meanwhile on the other arm of the chair the technician sands down the area where the scratches are and applies some filler. This is to fill the holes in the leather from the scratches. Once the area is smooth the technician applies some colour to the area.

Now that both arms are smooth and filled the technician will apply another coat of colour blended out over the arm of the sofa to ensure that the area doesn’t look over coloured.

The technician then applies the final layer onto the repaired areas. This is of the lacquer which is used to seal the repair. After the repair has been completed the areas need to be left for at least 1 hour until they are dry enough to touch if the customer wishes to have a closer look at the repairs however we do not recommend it if you can help it. The areaS should then not be used for approximately 48 hours depending on how much colour and filler is applied during the repair process and on how much damage there was to repair.

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