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Leather Repairs Edenbridge undertake an extremely wide range of repairs. Including frame and structural repairs and spring repairs. Our spring repairs consist of serpentine springs. Similarly it consists of sprung edge springs. We also replace sprung cushion interiors. If your sofa cushions are feeling a little uncomfortable and out of shape send us pictures. The likelihood is that it’s a spring interior that has had it. Our Edenbridge technicians can replace these no problem and restore your sofas comfort. However we also complete sofa re-padding. This is to bump your sofa seats back up to give it a little extra firmness. Then you get to select which seats of which you would like re-padded. This can maybe be one or two to match other seats that aren’t used so much.

On going maintenance

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months.

As a result this allows the leather to stay clean and fresh and the protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa.

Cleaning kits are always recommended after every repair to help enable you to maintain your leather from future damage. Please feel free to ask our technician any questions where they will be happy to give you any help and guidance that you require.

Yearly maintenance plan

We offer a yearly maintenance plan for all customers that have had our full restoration service. This is where you get a reduced fixed price for us to visit every year to undertake a full clean and minor repairs for the price of our standard clean package. In addition if you would like to take advantage of this package please speak to technician while on site. They can get you added to the plan and get your next appointment booked in.

Finally for more pictures and information of the work we undertake check out our gallery page and Facebook page! Or there’s videos to watch on YouTube. And plenty of updates from us here at Edenbridge leather repairs.

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