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Furniture Repairs

Leather Repairs London do not just undertake leather repairs! We also undertake frame and structural repairs. Here we have a fabric chair back spring rail that had snapped causing loss of support in the seating base.

The technician first flips the sofa over to gain access to the bottom of the sofa. Next is the removal of the feet to allow him to get to the dust cover. He then removes this by using a braddle and pliers to remove the staples holding the dust cover to the frame of the sofa. Once this cover has been removed he can confirm the fault, this being the broken back spring rail. The technician then removes any other staples holding the platform cover to the frame of the sofa. Finally he then removes the springs sofa from the rail to remove the tension from it.

The Repair Process

In order to repair the rail the technician first had to use pva wood glue to attach the two broken half’s of the rail back together. Now that the wood is re connected the technician places a support rail behind the broken wood. He does this by sawing planks of timber to size. He uses a drill to screw the pieces of wood (support rail and broken rail) together. Once the rail is fitted on the back he then put support blocks on the ends to ensure there is no movement. Then the technician move a on to put another support rail on the front of the broken rail.

This is for extra support in the framework of the sofa, again using a drill and screws. Again the technician puts support blocks on this rail to ensure no movement.

After this is done the technician re fits the springs to the rail to ensure they are secured in place and not causing any other problems in the structure of the sofa. The technician then re fits the platform cover and staples it in place. Now he is able to re staple the dust cover and re attach the feet to the bottom of the sofa before flipping it back over.

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