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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning London

The best way to protect your precious leather from damage or wear over time is to keep it clean and free from scratches and scuffs. Good leather can last a lifetime, but daily use can take a toll on even the best leather sofas, chairs and car seats. If your leather has started to look shabby, stained or worn, you may think that shopping for new leather is the only option you have. The mobile leather cleaning team at Leather Repairs London is here to provide you with a better answer.

Each time you touch, use or sit on your leather, dirt, hair and body oils can go deep into leather’s pores. While you don’t see them at the time, they can build up. They cause damage to your leather’s fibres, leaving it looking less than pristine. Daily use can also wear away at leather’s colour and finish. This is leaving it prone to damage. Protect the value and style of your leather. Trust Leather Repairs London for mobile leather cleaning and care.

Shabby, stained or worn leather doesn’t have to mean the end of life. This goes for your sofa, chairs or car seats. Before you throw out less than perfect leather and start shopping for new, call the mobile leather cleaning and care team at Leather Repairs London. We’ll work on-site at your home or workplace to erase the signs of aging and lengthen the life of your leather.

Leather Cleaning

Leather Repairs London’s mobile leather cleaning service begins with a light pre-cleaning. During this, we remove surface dust and debris to prepare for the next step. We follow this with our expert deep cleaning. This goes deep into your leather’s pores to remove dirt and grime, without harming your leather’s fibres. If needed, we can follow cleaning with treatments to restore colour and shine to aging leather. Leather cleaning is carried out in one of two ways. First being the leather cleaner is sprayed onto the lint free cloth. It is then gently rubbed over the sofa. Second being the cleaner is sprayed onto the sofa. Similarly a lint free cloth is used. However this is after a scrubbing brush is used to pull out all the dirt in the crevices of the sofa.

You don’t have to live with shabby, stained or tired leather for a single day. Call Leather Repairs London now and book your mobile leather cleaning and care treatments. You’ll get prompt, friendly service at your home or workplace. We offer prices you’ll love. Also results you’ll have to see to believe. Call now and let us show you just how good your leather can look.

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