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Leather Tear Repairs

Leather Repair Service in London

Leather Tear Repairs in London

Above is a picture of a tear in a sofa. Our technician arrived at the customers house. To begin with the technician uses leather cleaner to run over the area removing any dirt. Next they use leather prep to wipe over the tear in order to remove the manufacturers coating and any debris. The technician places a sub patch inside the tear and glues the leather to the sub patch. Now the technician dries the glue with a hair dryer.

After this the technician applies filler to the torn area and again dries this with a hairdryer. Once filler has been applied the technician uses the airbrush to spray the damaged area to match the rest of the sofa. Next the technician uses texture paste and a sponge to add a texture effect to the area to blend it with the grain on the sofa. This is then dried with a hairdryer.

After Completion

The technician then applies the final layer onto the repaired area, this is of the lacquer which is used to seal the repair. After the repair has been completed the area needs to be left for at least 1 hour. This is until it is dry enough to touch. If the customer wishes to have a closer look at the repair however we do not recommend it if you can help it. The area should then not be used for approximately 48 hours. Depending on how much colour and filler is applied during the repair and on how much damage there was to repair.

For more detailed explanations on the ranges of repairs we undertake please check out the other pages of our website. We also do work on leather car seats. Or just for brief explanations and lots of pictures of our work check out our Facebook page or gallery page!

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