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Car Seat Repair


Here we have a VW Arteon, the customer had spilt superglue on the seat and had tried to remove it. By doing this he had caused an indentation in the leather and taken the top coat of the pigment off of the seat.

Repairing The Damage

Our technician started the process of repair by prepping the area to remove the remainder of superglue. We then applied heat to the indent this was done to massage the indent out of the leather. This process can take a while as the technician has to keep applying the heat using a hair dryer then swapping the heat for a cool block to cool the leather back down so we can see how much of the indent has

been removed. This process is repeated until the indent is removed.

Now the technician begins to work on the repair by applying filler in small layers. After each layer has cured the technician uses sand paper to smooth the surface before adding another layer. This is repeated until the technician has built up enough layers to the desired finish.

Then the technician starts to add thin layers of pigment using an air brush to colour restoration the repaired area to match the surrounding area.

Once the technician is happy with the finish they apply sealant to seal the repair. This repair now being completed shouldn’t be touched for 1-2 hours as it needs time to fully dry, after this the seat shouldn’t be used for approximately 48 hours (this is subject to change upon each job as it depends on the amount of colour and filler used within the repair). We always recommend cleaning your leather on a regular basis, especially after a repair. This can be done with a leather cleaning kit, once cleaned you should apply a leather protection cream. This cream creates a barrier between you and the leather which protects it from damages such as body perspiration.

Finding Us Else Where

To see more images of the damage others have had repaired check out our Facebook page! Or check out our gallery page for a range of pictures of all different repairs our technicians have undertaken!


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