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Leather Repairs

Leather Repair Service in London

Panel Replacement London

Damaged or worn panels? Ripped or torn?

Here at leather repairs London we offer panel replacements. Our technicians arrive at your home and upon the first visit remove the sofa covers in order to take it to the workshop. There is no payment required upon this first visit. Panels will be away for approximately 7-21 days subject to change.

Our technicians replace the panel in which is damaged and colour matches to ensure the new leather panel matches your sofa 100%.

The technician will then re-arrive at your home to install the cover back onto your sofa. This is when payment will be made.

Leather repairs London offer this service to ensure that any sofa can be restored if the rip or tear etc in your sofa is beyond a cosmetic repair. This means that the repair the technician could offer upon the first visit wouldn’t hold and therefore is likely to come undone.

Leather repairs London take pride in their work. If your in need of a panel replacement contact us today for a free quote!

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