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Leather Repairs

Leather Repair Service in London

Peeling Leather Repairs

This chocolate brown corner sofa was suffering from some leather peeling. This due to flee treatment the customer had put on her dog reacting with the leather due to the pesticides in the treatment.

One of our technicians undertook this repair. They started by sanding down the area to remove the lip of the peel ensuring the surface was smooth. After the area had been sanded down the technician applied prep to remove the manufacturers finish and neutralises the contamination in the leather. Now the technician uses the air brush to build up evenly spread coats of colour on the area. This ensures that the affected area is once again the same colour as the rest of the sofa.

Leather Repairs London offer other leather repairs that could occur on your sofa such as colour loss.

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Protection creams

Following any leather specialist repairs that our technicians may undertake in your home you should maintain the leather furniture. This can be done through a maintenance regime. Every week you should dust down the leather sofa when doing your general housework. With your sofa when you purchased it you should have been given a leather cleaning kit. This kit contains a protection cream, you should apply this cream at least every six months. This cream creates a barrier between you and your sofa which means that when your dog sits on the sofa with its flee treatment the pesticides react with the protection cream rather than eating away at the leather itself. This ultimately protects your sofa from damage keeping it in good condition and it’s not a demanding process as you only have to apply the cream every 6 months. It also makes your sofa last much longer!

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