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Furniture Repairs


The chair in the image above has a tear in its padding. Also it has broken webbing causing discomfort for the customer.

The technician first flipped the sofa over to gain access to the bottom of it. Once on it’s front the technician removes the staples to take the dust cover from the bottom of the sofa. This allows the technician to gain access to the inside of the sofa. The technician has to remove all the webbing as it is broken and take out the current padding. Once this has been done the technician will install new padding into the sofa. Measuring how much is needed to make sure the sofa is comfortable for the customer. After this has been done the technician re- webs the sofa to ensure the padding is securely in place. Once this is completed the technician re-attaches the dust cover with a staple gun and flips the sofa back over.

For more detailed explanations on the ranges of repairs we undertake please check out the other pages of our website. We also do work on Sofas. Or just for brief explanations and lots of pictures of our work check out our Facebook Page or Gallery Page!

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