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Furniture Repairs


A sprung edge spring is a one with a Y at the front which when used in a sofa gives it more bounce. Unfortunately for one of our customers one of theirs had broken and not only had the sofa lost its bounce but it’s comfort too.

We sent out one of our technicians. First our technician flipped the sofa over to get to the underneath of it. They removed the feet of the sofa and then all the staples out of the dust cover. Once this had been done the technician had a full view of the springs inside the sofa.

Once the old has been removed the technician supplies a new spring which has been cut to the correct size. He then fits the new one to the sofa. After the technician has done this he inspects all the other springs to ensure they are all in good condition. After confirming this the technician staples shut the dust cover and re attaches the feet. Lastly he turns the sofa back over leaving it fully repaired.

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You should also check out our Facebook page for regular posts on other work we undertake. This including furniture repairs and leather centres repairs. Our technicians upload as they go. Take a look, see if you can find any pictures of repairs similar to what you might need at home. We also offer FREE expert advice if you have any questions we’d be happy to answer them. If you find yourself taking a look at our page please leave us a like on our page we appreciate the support!


Broken spring removed

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